Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Slowly increasing my time staring at the computer...

 I have a really good excuse for not being diligent with my blogging!  It’s called my husband uses our only computer for full time work and school.  Pretty good excuse, huh?  Well a couple weeks ago I had my birthday and you know what he got me, my very own laptop computer(did I just sound nerdy by calling it a laptop computer?)!  I know, spoiled!  He told me it’s my “window to the outside world”.  Well I am so excited to be able to re-start blogging, peruse thru delicious recipes, print coupons, upload photos, read my favorite blogs, and connect with friends on facebook!  So goodbye days of obscurity and hello to the glasses I’ll need to fend off late night computer glare! 

Let me post some pictures of my darling children to make it all better!

Savannah's 8th Birthday Breakfast

Visiting Sissy at her school on her birthday!

And getting sang "Happy Birthday" to

Manny brought her presents!

Making her rainbow cake

8 years old already!!!  It cannot be!

Slumber party buddies!

Show me your silly faces!

Mmmm...rainbow cake

Snug in their sleeping bags

He always finds the most interesting sleeping positions!

Savannah, Cody, Scott, and Miles at OSU gymnastic meet!
Jackson and Daddy at OSU

Savannah and Daddy on St Patrick's Day

Not sure what to do with the jello jiggler...

....But Sissy knew exactly what to do with it!

And Jackson, not to be outdone by his siblings!

Care bear stare!