Sunday, March 15, 2015

So let's just say for all intentions and purposes, I fell off the planet the last year...
Between having my fourth baby, moving to another state, my children adjusting to a new school, and
just plain busy family life I haven't had much time think, reflect, and write.  Here's to a new chance!

It's true we've had many changes come our way in the past several years, but I guess that's life.  It has been good for me because I tend to want nothing to nada!  But without change there is no progression, right?!?  So here's to new changes!  New habits and schedules!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hello again!

So here's the gist of what we've been up to lately...

1) We had another baby!!! Miss Sophie joined our family in August 2014.  She is a joy and a beauty!  We couldn't be happier to have 4 crazy, busy children!
2) We are temporary Utahans!  Yep we left Oregon for the beautiful mountains of Utah!
3) Savannah is a 5th grader and is really excellent in math!
4) Jackson is a 1st grader and quite the comedian in class I hear!
5) Miles is the sweetest big brother, and Sophie is quite a big fan of Miles!
6) Mike and I are in our 30's, weird huh?

Here are some pictures of our Easter celebration yesterday

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Just checking in....

Man, it has been forever since I've done anything on here.

My brother's girlfriend, Giselle, was kind enough to come freeze her keister with us last weekend for some family photos.  I think she does a great job!

Savannah is getting so much older now.  She's almost to that phase of adolescence now.  I can feel it in her actions and our conversations.  She's joined Girl Scouts and is enjoying that very much right now with getting to go to water parks, visit museums, and soon she will go ice skating!  At school she is loving 4th grade and has a wonderful teacher.  Something that she's doing lately is become pen pals with my grandma Arlene.  She comes home almost every day checking the mail to see if Grandma has sent her a letter.

Jackson has changed so much in this last year.  He is now a kindergartner!  And loves school, loves sitting down and doing assignments.  I think his favorite thing is writing out his letters.  His teacher doesn't seem to like him and that's kinda of a bummer, but thankfully for Jackson he kinda of lives in his own world.  I am very lucky to be a part of that world!  Yesterday he told me, while I was taking too long to make his dinner "Ah mom I can't wait to grow up and be a missionary...I will go to people's houses every night and they will feed me".  He can't wait to become a redult (Jackson's word for adult).

Miles is kinda of driving me nuts right now.  You know maybe that sounds bad and don't get me wrong I love my son more than anything!  But he is at that stage where he is practicing pushing buttons, he loves to see peoples reactions to the naughty stuff he does.  Ah yayay!  I think he is still a sweetheart deep down and his most favorite thing is to snuggle with me and my "mommy tummy".  He loves laying his head on my stomach or rubbing his sweaty feet all over it.  He's also talking a tons favorite phrase "Holy, holy cow"!

Mike is amazing.  He is juggling more now than he ever has.  He works full time and also goes to school and has a rather involved calling at church.  I am so excited that in April he has won a trip for us to go to Cabo thru his work.  Truly I am amazed at what he's able to accomplish.  Yesterday I was able to go hang with a freind and left Mike and the kids at the house.  Not only did he clean the house, go Christmas shopping but also got his homework in on time!  See what I mean...amazing!

I'm not sure exactly where I was going with this post...but at least enjoy theses pictures mom!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

What we've been up to lately...

I love the look of sheer joy on Miles face as he receives his birthday presents: this one was his Batman shirt!

His bat pinata that we made for his Batman party!

He received an obscene amount of Batman toys and loved it!

Our annual sleep in the backyard on our mattress camping for labor day weekend, best way to camp!

Some sleeping campers

Another annual labor day weekend activity; Back To School Fashion Show.  In which Superman shows up!

Savannah's first day of school, 4th grade (with Miles photo-bombing it)

Savannah and her 4th grade teacher

Jackson's first day of kindergarten!

Jackson fitting right into his new class!
Just wanted to share some photos and what we're up to!  September has been busy, busy with us trying to enjoy as much summer as possible, Miles had his 3rd birthday, and Savannah starting 4th grade and Jackson starting kindergarten for the school year.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

What are we doing today?  Oh nothing much, except making homemade lemonade!  I've never made it before and boy does it take p-a-t-i-e-n-c-e, right now we are waiting for the sugary syrup to  cool.  Savannah and Jackson were more that willing helpers, I'm glad that they're just as excited as me!  Here is the recipe I used

Monday, July 2, 2012

Another Post About My Love For Summer

So I'm realizing now that the only times I post is in summer... weird!  I love summer though, I hate being cold and wet (which it has been still here in Oregon)...but today the sun is out and it feels awesome.  I'm going to tear myself away from the computer and the boys away from Dora and go for a walk.  Our family got a membership to the YMCA and we've been swimming like every other night.  We got to hang out with family this last weekend and went rafting in Southern Oregon, it was  awesome!  Savannah's learning to ride her bike without training wheels and she loves making homemade ice cream, that pretty much rocks!  I love not having to drop my kids off from school, I love that next Tuesday is $4 admission to Portland Zoo so were going!!!  Camping, Swimming, Fireworks, Strawberries, Cherries, Swimming, BBQ's, Swimsuits, Siting On Grass And Not Getting your Bum Wet, Lemonade, Hiking (and not getting wet), Swimming, Biking, Swimming, and yeah Sprinklers...what's not to love!!!  

Friday, September 30, 2011

What!? I'm in the mood to post today!

Hallelujah!  Just got news that our insurance actually paid more towards Jackson's dental I actually get $$$ back!  Woohoo!  I can't tell you how much anesthesia + surgery center + dental bills has amounted to cost wise!  Like Mike and I could have had another baby this year!  It's insane!  But oh so worth it!  Check out that sweet smile (healthier too!)...worth every penny!