Sunday, November 21, 2010

Halloween 2010

So I know it’s been a while since I last posted, but we have been busy, busy, and busy!  We had Halloween come and go by fast!  This year Savannah was Alice in Wonderland, she makes a pretty cute Alice don’t ya’ think? 

Jackson, of course, went as Mario (only his second favorite person in the world); he was so excited for Halloween this year!  It may have something to do with all the Halloween decorations in our area, the fact that he wanted to watch Winnie the Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie every day, or that we ran down past “Witchie Pooh’s” tri-weekly for a month.  Jackson kept wondering when it was that we’d actually ring on these doorbells and “go inside”.
 Miles went as the ever trusty sidekick, Luigi.  It was something else putting a mustache on the kid, but he looked pretty cute and seemed to enjoy the spectacle of it all. 

We did the annual trick-or-treating downtown Saturday morning and in the evening our church did a party and a trunk-or-treat.  And then the following evening we went out trick-or-treating.  The kids were so excited, especially to stop by at Witchie Pooh’s.  I guess she’s something of a legend in Albany lore, she’s been dressing as a witch since Mike was a lil’ tyke.  So I think Mike was eager as well to stop by.

 It was so much fun to watch the kiddos.  Jackson was especially animated!  Then we ate over at Mike’s mom’s house and oh boy there were so many trick-or-treaters stopping by there.  The kids would constantly run over to the door every 5 minutes or so and hand out candy.  Savannah loved it, I think the handing out the candy has become her favorite part this last year.  Jackson got a kick out of it too, until one little boy came dressed as a werewolf.  Jackson stopped dead in his tracks, just frozen staring at this monster candy in hand.  Luckily Savannah wasn’t as apprehensive and handed the boy his candy.  Crisis averted!  Then we headed to our neighborhood.  It was a long night, but also very fun.  Towards the end of it Jackson was delirious, walking the wrong way cracking up at everything, making jokes-it was adorable!  Savannah was anxious to get home to pass out more candy.  She was a little disappointed to only have a whole four trick-or-treaters stop by.  And honestly I was disappointed too; on account of I bought 2 bags of candy!  Once we were home the kids loved looking through their loot, we played a game, shed some tears and then it was officially done and over-Halloween 2010.
Jackson wasn’t too fond of the “pumpkin guts”

Savannah surprisingly loved the “pumpkin guts”

See Jackson’s face (above), its cause Daddy made this face.

The finished product (love the lashes Savannah)!
Jackson’s scary pumpkin face! (Don’t mind the moldy pumpkin face)

Monday, September 27, 2010

So Long Summer It Was Nice Knowing Ya'

So Savannah told us today she was upset because summer (although today it was hot enough and might as well be summer) was all over!  Today we walked to school and enjoyed all of the trees and their changing colors.  It was beautiful, but I have to agree that summer did fly by fast.  Mike and Savannah are both in school.  And as for me and the boys, we just play "school" and bake pumpkin bread.  I love the fall, it's probably my favorite season and I look forward to more pumpkin bread, going to the pumpkin patch, trick-or-treating, drinking cider,   making caramel apples, jumping in the hay forts, and all kinds of shenanigans!  But I wanted to also post some pictures of our summer shenanigans!  So good-bye summer!  Hello fall!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The calm before the storm...

So it's about to begin.  Mike is going back to school tomorrow for his bachelors degree at OSU.  I am anxious, but not as much as I was earlier this week.  I was a wreck then.  Ask any members of my family and they'll tell you.  But now after going to OSU, purchasing his books, crying a whole lot I am ready.  You may wonder why I'm so worked up?  I'll give you three good reasons; Savannah, Jackson, and Miles.  I am solely responsible for their well being, breaks are going to be far and few between.  This mama has got to get on the ball and stay on it.  This balancing act is going to take two years.  And today, maybe because Mike's giving me a break right now, I say bring it onnnnnn!!!!!