Sunday, April 10, 2011

Savannah's Baptism

Saturday was a very special day in our family.  Savannah was baptized and confirmed in our church.  She was pretty excited but, of course a little nervous about the aspect of being completely immersed in the water!  Jackson was also excited for this day too; on the way there he kept saying “Sissy’s going to go swimming like Jesus.”  Then he kept asking when it was going to be his turn. Although after he saw Sissy going all the way in, he has yet to ask for his turn since.  Savannah had a ton of people turn out to support her, it was very moving.  Especially to see some of our friends who were there for Savannah and I, when we first joined the church.  Savannah was only 2 years old then!  And now she’s so grown up that she’s getting baptized!  (sniff, sniff).  My greatest hope for her is that she can grow and develop her relationship with her Father in Heaven and come to rely on the love of her Savior, Jesus Christ.  What an amazing first step she took on Saturday!  
Don't you love how excited Miles looks?

Celebrating at Red Robbin afterward 
Our Manny and Papa (what my kids call my parents) came too!