Saturday, June 25, 2011

Right now its midnight, what I should be doing is sleeping.  No actually what I’m really supposed to be doing is cleaning out my garage, but I can’t I’m too pooped!  But I’m too wired to sleep yet…does anyone else do this?  Also right now I have my bedroom window open to let the cool night air in…and I can hear Mike and Jackson outside on the hammock talking (I guess someone else who’s supposed to be sleeping isn’t)!  It so sweet though, they’re looking at the stars and camping out on the hammock tonight, Jackson loves it, he is in heaven.  I’ve heard them talking about bears, transformers, and Christmas.  Mike is truly an amazing dad…he loves giving our kids so many opportunities to experiencing life!  Thank you Mike for teaching me countless valuable lessons about parenting, love, and life as well.   

Sunday, June 5, 2011


So Mike and I are excited to start a garden this year!  We had one last year, and what you know it actually yielded vegetables!  So we're going all out this year, we first picked up some wood from Home Depot, nailed it together, and get this we put newspaper down in the box (this supposedly kills the grass) and sprayed it down so it was nice and wet.  Now who do you think enjoyed this...
well hello handsome!
...yep, if you guessed the boys then you were right on!

Had to throw in some relaxin' time too!

Savannah even pitched in to help!  Doesn't she look so thrilled?

I love this picture, her hair it looks like a greek goddess, well a whiny greek goddess...

Savannah gettin' to relax with her friend Elena

Miles and his cousin, Rosie...he just loves her!

Jackson and Hannah

Umm...Miles would you mind cleaning that dirty window for me?

Well I better go, apparently these windows aren't going to clean themselves!