Sunday, September 26, 2010

The calm before the storm...

So it's about to begin.  Mike is going back to school tomorrow for his bachelors degree at OSU.  I am anxious, but not as much as I was earlier this week.  I was a wreck then.  Ask any members of my family and they'll tell you.  But now after going to OSU, purchasing his books, crying a whole lot I am ready.  You may wonder why I'm so worked up?  I'll give you three good reasons; Savannah, Jackson, and Miles.  I am solely responsible for their well being, breaks are going to be far and few between.  This mama has got to get on the ball and stay on it.  This balancing act is going to take two years.  And today, maybe because Mike's giving me a break right now, I say bring it onnnnnn!!!!!

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