Wednesday, August 17, 2011

See this Lil’ Rascal here?

Well this morning while I was busy in another room, he reached into his diaper and pulled out some poop!  Yes the four letter p-o-o-p!  And I had no idea!  And my daughter had mentioned to me “umm…mom, Miles is looking for you”.  So by the time I saw Miles he was in our poorly lit hallway and I could tell he was distressed about his hands.  Lately he’s been pinching his fingers on things or hurting his hands somehow and he ALWAYS wants a MOMMY KISS to make it all better!  So I thought, he was playing and must have hurt his hand, so out of habit I bent down and kissed his lil’ hand.  To my horror, it smelled a lot like POOP on that sweet angelic hand!  That’s when my daughter exclaimed “mom, I don’t think you want to do that” (thanks for the fore-warning Savannah)!  Oh my gosh, one of my worst fears was materializing before my very mouth!  I must say though, usually I go into all panic mode whenever poop is involved. I’ve been known to up and  walk out of my house, get Ben and Jerry’s Magic Brownie Ice Cream, leaving my husband to do the so called dirty work (ok so maybe that only happened once, but I swear I’d do it again if needs be that poop ends up all over my floor(again)-I hates da poop!).  But today it must have been one of those miracles I’ve been praying for because I calmly hosed down my loved one, quarantined the culprit’s room, and proceeded to sanitize vigorously sed room.  Not to mention the washing, brushing, and gargling of every inch of my mouth.  I told my husband, which he thought was hee-larious!  And now I’m telling you…I’m not laughing about it yet, but maybe someday I will or I can share this story with his future girlfriends or something!  Anyhow you’ll have to excuse me now I’ve got to go a gargle/brush for the trillionth time today!!!!


Mateo said...

So, let me get this strait, Aimes. When threatened by the thought of poop you retreat out of the house and start scarfing down chocolate brownie ice cream? That seems like an unfortunate and slightly odd choice in flavors. ;)

amychasingchildren said...

This is is kinda-of an odd combo now that I think about out it! But I honestly was very distressed that time cause Jackson had tracked poop all over the floor and it was as far as I was concerned everywhere! So as I was wandering down the ice cream isle I read "Magic Brownie" and yeah I felt like I needed some magic at that time. So there is my weird train of thought!


thanks for the great laugh

Kristin said...

Ha ha, how gross! I'm sure it'll take a couple years to think that's funny.

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